Address of our offices:
Moscow, Prazhskaya metro, ul.Podolskih kursantov , 3
Cheboksary, Gagarina str., 55, office 310
St. Petersburg, Moscow highway, 25k1D
+7 (499) 643-47-62
+7 (812) 748-57-50
Our own professional slitter coiler was launched. Now we can cut at any format up to 1.88
We've started to build a premise for slitter coiler. Follow us to learn news about construction process WELCOME

What is the manufacturer country of your film?


- Korea


What payment ways do you accept?



1) We accept cash at our offices or through messenger services.
2) Non-cash payment at account invoiced by us.

3) Credit card. We accept the cards of the following systems: Mastercard/Maestro, VISA/VISA electron and other cards. Without %.

4) Electronic payment system Webmoney. In this case, you'll have to send money resources to our WebMoney wallet R127425109149. Do not forget to specify your company, contact person with phone and number of order or account.




Our level BL:

More than 7 years in the system


5) Electronic payment system Yandex money. Number of our wallet is 41001269451719. Do not forget to inform us on payment.


6) You can pay using the bank remittance at any branch of a bank which accepts transfers without opening. If you have a personal account, you can send us money directly.
Наши реквизиты:


Legal address: 101000, Moscow, Arkhangelsky lane, 9

Actual address: 117545, Moscow, 1 Dorozhny proezd str., 4, building 1

Tax Payer ID Number 7701928343, Taxpayer classification code 770101001

Payment details:

JSCB "RosEvroBank" (OJSC), Joint-stock commercial bank "RosEvroBank" (open joint-stock company)

s/a: 40702810700100260151

c/a: 30101810800000000777

 RCBIC: 044585777

General director: Antipin Sergey Yurevich

Phone: 642-97-46, 604-41-67, 952-68-43
www :

7) The owners of Webmoney wallet can pay for the order through payment terminals. If you don't have any own electronic wallets you can pay directly through payment terminals. Our managers will tell you the sum to be paid and possible ways to do it.

In this case, the payment will be as follows. You should find a section of  Webmoney wallet replenishment in the menu of the payment terminal. Look at the section "More" or "Electronic money". Enter the sum our manager told you and number of our wallet R127425109149 in a window of account replenishment.  Sometimes, the system can request your full name. As soon as you enter all data and confirm the payment, the terminal will give you a cheque. Then you should call us or write us through e-mail or ICQ: 146718140 and inform us on the payment date, way and time. It would be better if you send us a scanned cheque.

 8) Qiwi wallet wallet number 79166395101

9) PayPal  account

10) Barter payment is possible. We accept both services and goods. Looking forward to see your offers.


How much does your delivery cost?

Free delivery for orders from 30.000 roubles. 500 roubles for delivery of orders under 30.000 roubles across Moscow, within MRHW.

FREE delivery to the transport company for customers from the other regions.





Do you sell film in factory cut, or can you cut it according to my size?

Besides of the ready sizes we have a professional slitter coiler. We can rewind and cut materials to 2000mm quickly.


+7 (499) 643-47-62
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