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Our own professional slitter coiler was launched. Now we can cut at any format up to 1.88
We've started to build a premise for slitter coiler. Follow us to learn news about construction process WELCOME


Thank you for the interest shown to our company.

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Lamination film is an essential thing for a daily office routine. It is used for lamination of important documents and materials, printed materials and protects them against any negative influences (moisture and pollution, mechanical damages and fading of the text). Lamination film keeps your documents neatly and clean over the time.

Our company specializes on manufacture of laminating machines and high-quality lamination film

We work with the best domestic manufacturers and suppliers. Our company is guided by requirements of the Target audience and plans the product range carefully; we draw it up responsibly with great deliberation.

As soon as you decide on what type of a film you need, whether package or roll film, we'll be glad to help you choosing end-product with necessary parameters: film thickness, kind of lamination (glossy or matte lamination film), the price.

 Important note: the lamination film is usually used at paper and printing works, as well as at post-printing processing. This is an essential material for mass production of items made of polyester or polypropylene. The film makes the product look good and very stylish while enhancing its operational properties.

We offer a film of high quality at reasonable prices

And this is one of key advantages of our company. We always ensure our production meets all quality standards and our most important requirement - the reasonable price. Complex inspection of manufacture processes, delivery and sale of films, careful supervision of pricing - this is our daily routine. We do our best to make your cooperation with our company comfortable, convenient and easy.

The basic features of Lamstore compay todays are:

· Efficient work of the best experts of the sphere,

· Reasonable prices,

· Production of the highest quality,

· Own delivery service,

· Own warehouse.

We are always ready to render you professional help - to answer any questions, to help you making a right choice and placing your order. Our experts will provide you detailed information on all kinds of the film in stock, and will explain you how to work with it and how to use it most effectively for your business.  

+7 (499) 643-47-62
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